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Elder Law..."A Safe Harbor"

Elder Law is a highly specialized field of law. The laws acknowledge and address the specific quality-of-life needs of those over the age of fifty. Its effective practice provides the elderly with qualified legal, financial, ethical and emotional advantages. While encompassing literally all legal services for seniors, Elder Law's primary objective is Asset Protection and Long Term Care Planning.

A number of new laws have been enacted in the past several years which have  impacted the areas of Estate Planning and Asset protection and upcoming changes in both state and federal law could have a dramatic impact on our joint concerns in these areas. Our Estate Planning and Elder Law Forums & Seminars will cover these matters in some detail. See Schedule of Events for upcoming seminars.


Arthur B. Crooks, Jr. has over 25 years experience providing legal solutions for seniors and their families.


We provide estate and family-planning services with the highest level of expertise, compassion and sensitivity.


In these uncertain economic times it is imperative you take control of your future with current planning. See the Schedule of Events for seminars being held this Fall.

Estate Planning & Elder Law Seminars

Don't miss the Spring 2020 Seminars: Estate Planning Basics & Updates. Click below or check out our Seminars page.

Attorney Arthur Crooks will be teaching his Basics of Estate Planning for the Spring Semester 2020 at the ACADEMY FOR LIFELONG LEARNING. This updated program: "The Fundamentals of Estate Planning and Long Term Care," with a revamped curriculum is scheduled at the Cape Cod Community College for the Spring of 2020 with classes starting on Friday, March 27, 2020.

For further information 508-398-3037. Please check for further information regarding the course content.

Watch a video on the the Basics of Massachusetts Estate Planning presented by Attorney Arthur B. Crooks, Jr.

News & Updates

Impact of the 2016 Elections on Estate Planning: New Masshealth Regulations Effective February 1, 2020 & Pending Federal Legislation

On February 1, 2017, sweeping changes to the MassHealth regulation which mandate how those seniors who are in need of financial assistance for either community based services or nursing home placement were enacted.

These changes are draconian and punitive and have also been labeled as inhumane. The changes are also being enacted with RETROACTIVE application. This may result in seniors who are presently on benefits to lose their benefits.

This website will be brought up to date to reflect these changes. There are also several bills pending in the U.S. Congress which will also have a negative impact on asset protection for seniors facing a nursing home placement.

Furthermore, the leadership of the House of Representative has inficated a goal of abolishing Medicaid as we know it and making fixed bloc grants to the individual states without the present protections which Federal law allows. STAY TUNED!

Last year, Expanded Estate Recovery was defeated and was not included in the Fiscal Year 2017 Commonwealth Budget, which would have expanded estate recovery for MassHealth members to non-probate assets.

Attorney Crooks explains what this would have meant for MassHealth recipients in a video found here. This concern is still relevant, because the present Administration has pledged to reintroduce this legislation again.

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